The production technology line for transformers in Vietnam

The production technology line for transformers in Vietnam
The production technology line for transformers in Vietnam:
Vintec Group has invested in modern transformer manufacturing technology, with most production machinery and key input materials imported from European countries.

1. Applicable Standards

Vintec transformers are designed, manufactured, and tested according to quality standards ISO 9001 – 2015, ISO 14001, TCVN 6306, ANSI…

2. Materials for Transformer Manufacturing

Vintec transformers are made from various materials imported from industrially developed countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea…

3. Vintec Transformer Production Line

3.1. Sheet Metal Cutting Line

Vintec directly imports the Gorge automatic sheet metal cutting line from Germany.
The production technology line for transformers in Vietnam

3.2. Low Voltage and High Voltage Winding Machines:

Low Voltage Coils: Made of copper foil to reduce short-circuit losses and eliminate axial forces, ensuring transformer safety during short circuits.
High Voltage Coils: Wound in layers, evenly distributing voltage under overloads or faults. Insulation layers consist of a special paper with high mechanical strength, heat resistance, and dielectric properties. Additionally, adhesive layers between winding layers prevent vibration and axial forces during transformer operation and short circuits.

3.3. Core Assembly

The core assembly process is performed on an assembly line and checked at each stage. After placing the steel core on the assembly bench, coils are mounted onto the core. After checking insulation parts and centering, clamps are installed using bolt clips.
Output terminals are adjusted and wrapped with special insulation paper, with positioning and separation sheets to avoid confusion. Low voltage terminals are securely clamped with bolts using connecting lugs or porcelain caps.

3.4. Vacuum Drying Oven System

3.5. Vacuum Oil Filling Chamber

3.6. KCS Testing System

All Vintec products undergo strict quality control processes from raw material sourcing to final product testing, ensuring compliance with international standards such as IEC-76, ANSI, TCVN 6306.
The independent testing system meets the VILAS 1113 – ISO 17025:2019 standard.

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